Note: This was originally posted to Patreon around this time last night. I normally try to cross-post public stuff around the same time, just forgot.

I said I’d have a release out by the end of the month and I stand by that.

So how many days are there is December? 31? Whew, that’s a load off. So, yeah, expect some version of a release in the next 7 days.

Though the Patreon feed may not show it, I’ve been working as much as I possibly can for weeks now. There was simply an enormous amount to write—end points I wanted to reach that ended up taking more steps than I had anticipated. That means much more writing, rendering (often working with new environments and new characters) and even coding was necessary than I had anticipated. And, of course, despite that I’m trying very hard to maintain the same standard of quality—to raise that standard, hopefully.

In other news, in the spirit of Christmas all new non-explicit preview renders will be made available to the public up until release. I had hoped to have one ready for this post but, unfortunately, it looks like the render isn’t going to finish in time. Not that I’m done for the night, just wanted to get this up before it gets too far past midnight in NA.

Thanks everyone, I hope your holidays are going well.  Catch me on Discord or leave a message.

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