Status update

Just made the fifth (yeah, I know) pre-alpha build available to testers. I expect to have the proper alpha up on Patreon tomorrow. Public release shouldn’t be too far away.

Once this release is public I’ll get things back to normal as far as Patreon posting  goes but for the past month or more I’ve been putting all of my time into writing and coding, refactoring most of the shitty foundational code that has been in place since I started TP having never used Ren’Py or even Python.

Thanks for your support and thanks to everyone who has helped with testing.  As always, feel free to get a hold of me on Patreon or on Discord.

Change of plans

Everything I just said in the previous post stands, except push that back until tomorrow. I only have a few things left that I want to do before I make any kind of release but it’s 6AM here and I can’t think straight or keep my eyes open.

Sorry for the delay. Happy new year.

Apparently Patreon is down for maintenance

So here’s the situation: I’ll be uploading a pre-alpha release here sometime tonight. I’m not going to release as alpha yet for several reasons.

The big one being that an enormous amount of stuff has changed since the last release  and no one has seen it other than me. That includes not only the new stuff, but changes to existing content and extensive rewriting of critical, foundational code.

Point being: there is almost no chance that the game is not only extremely buggy, but also that most paths to the new content aren’t broken in one way or another.  This in addition to the fact that several key scenes, renders and animations are still in progress.

I won’t be posting this pre-alpha to Patreon as I normally do with alphas, though if you are an alpha tester level pledge and want to help with the testing (or just take a look) then contact me on Patreon or Discord and I’ll get you a  link. In case I’m not around (sometimes I sleep) I’ll leave the link with my Discord mods as well.

I expect this pre-alpha period to last for a day or two, at which point I’ll release an alpha version on Patreon as usual.

In conclusion, it’s still December in American Samoa.